[H] CONNECTED x RESPECTED is recruiting for TBC

Hello Horde players! We are a newly formed PVE/PVP guild of 20 registered members so far who have gamed with each other for 10+ years. We have all played some form of retail or classic over the years to high levels. All of us have recently moved to the realm via transfer or plan to use our boosts here. I the GM, am a multi gladiator/rank 1 PVPer who also has high experience in PVE. We are looking to fill our last spots for PVE content and currently need 2 Resto Shamans and an Ele shaman or Spriest. We are not a super hardcore min/max guild we would just like to fill the spots with good players capable of completing the content. We are planning on having our raid days on the weekends.

Thanks for reading the post!

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I’m interested in joining you guys… how do I contact in game?

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Send me an in-game mail to “Tuskonar” and I will add you and we can talk.