[H] <Check Your Six> Now Recruiting! Weekend Dungeons and Raids!

Check Your Six [Horde] is a group of classic refugees that have rejoined the Shadowlands landscape and re-rolled on Greymane-Tanaris. We are looking for more people to join us for mythic dungeons and heroic raid content.

Just like everybody else says, we are a friendly laid back guild only, we mean it. We’re old af bruh. We don’t stay up late except for the weekends cause we got jobs and sh*t.

We are a mix of East Coast/West Coast players who typically play through dungeon and raid content on Friday Evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays at varying times while still finding time to do dungeons during the week.

Currently recruiting all roles and classes.

If you are interested in discussing, please reach out in game to Nahmi-Tanaris, Achea-Tanaris, Peiwei-Tanaris, or reach out via Discord at Namino#6998

Well of course I goofed and posted with the wrong character but the message is still good!