[H] <Chaotic Descent> 6/10M -filling roles for 9.1

We are a raiding guild, that pushes progression into mythic each tier. We run more on the serious side than casual, but we also like to kick back and have fun! We’re always looking to expand our community for a variety of activities WoW has to offer.

Core Mythic grp runs T/TH 8-1030 EST
LF for select DPS for Council Prog
Heroic grp runs Sun/Mon 8-1030 EST
Active discord and community!

Bnet: chickenoodle#11478
Discord: chickenoodle#0860

Come pump some numbers with us!

For us :pepenervous:

WTB a couple good dps. paying in memes

I mean not great memes but they make me chuckle

We have our moments for sure

But they’re mostly good moments

LF big pumpers plz

ALL Pumpies no Dumpies

Any retailers in chat?

Still looking for some dps to push prog in 9.1 :partying_face: