(H) Casual Guild Looking for More


If you play Horde and you’re looking for a casual guild led by some people with lots of experience come check us out. We’re not in a place to be pushing raids yet but I’m looking to form some really solid Mythic+ teams. Answer here or send me a message in game.



Greetings. Looking for a casual social guild. I would be willing to pitch in as needed to help a growing guild. ilvl 394 arcane mage.


So glad to have you!

(Márié) #4

I’ll join :slight_smile: Kitsunesama#11527 my hunter is 410 BM, I’ve been playing since 2005. =^-^=

(Kartoth) #5

Any room for a husband+wife duo looking to get back into the game after a bit of a hiatus?