[H] Buzz | Recruiting Raiders

is a guild formed pre-launch of classic back on Kromcrush. Same intact leadership and core membership that killed Rag together back in Oct 2019, moved to Grobb for TBC and killed pre-nerf Vashj and KJ. Very mature and stable group but we have a lot of laughs.

We are primarily a hardcore guild and intend to clear hard modes, heroics and push for achievements. We do also have a casual group of players who like to hangout and run dungeons, 10m, and 25m.

-Raids are Tues/Sun 8pm-1130pm Est for our hardcore 25m content and weekends for casual 25m.
-Various 10m groups throughout the week, hardcore and casual.
-PVP Groups World/BG/Arena
-Achievement Hunting

Looking for all great players like yourself for our casual raids, with high interest in the following roles for our main 25m:
-Resto Shaman

If you are interested in joining us please reach out to chat! (edited)