<H> Business Casual LF Heals + DPS

<Business Casual> is now recruiting raiders for Mythic BFA Progression. We are planning on pushing farther in 8.3 and are looking for solid raiders to join our ranks! We focus on getting as far as we can each tier, while maintaining a fun, enjoyable environment both in and out of raid times. We always try to find a good balance between serious and silly. We’re trying to find like-minded individuals who are ready and willing to dedicate themselves to our cause.

Please make sure to add the appropriate recruitment officer below.

Current Tier Progression:
Eternal Palace: 4/8M

Previous Tier Progression:
BoD: 3/8M
Uldir: 2/8M
Antorus: 5/11M

Raid Needs:
-Healers (Prefer paladin/druid but will consider any)
-DPS (Prefer mage/ele shaman/rogue but will consider any)

Raid Times:
Tues and Wed 7:30pm-11pm server time

GM: Terris (Terris#1249)
Recruitment Officer: Zibiah (Justinian#1607)
Recruitment Officer: Velithayda (CRMVeli#1827)