[H] <Busch> Recruiting Tuesday/Wednesday 7-10 pst

Busch as a guild is dedicated to clearing content while maintaining a casual and respectful atmosphere. Occasionally referred to as a “dad guild”, we do not shy away from that title. Most of our members are mature players that have learned how to balance life and raiding atmospheres. If a casual atmosphere that still clears content fits your needs, Busch may be the place for you.

Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 7-10 PM server time, with the potential of weekend raids for alternate/old phase content

Immediate Needs: Affliction Warlock

Also Recruiting: Resto Shaman, Healing Priest (Holy or Discipline), and one of Hunter/Warlock/Mage

Other Options: If you think your attendance could be spotty, we also have openings for a bench or substitute role that could be a fitting option for those that still want to see the content but cannot fully commit.

Loot: We use a priority loot list system organised through Thatsmybis. We feel this system is transparent and puts loot in the hands of the raiders.

Contact: If interested, please feel free to reply here, contact Dyed in game or on Thunderfury discord and we can try to make something work.

You guys take people still leveling? My priest is level 53 but quickly advancing.

Unfortunately not at the moment, looking for people that are ready to head straight into our raids.