[H] <Born of Blood> AOTC Guild recruiting for S3! 9/9H 9/9N Amirdrassil | T/Th 6:30pm-9pm PST

Are you looking for a new place to call home? If so, < Born of Blood > may be just what you’re looking for!

About < Born of Blood >:

< Born of Blood > was founded in June of 2008 and is currently located on Hyjal-US on the Horde side.

We are made up of WoW players from differing backgrounds, from former hardcore progression raiders to people experiencing WoW for the first time in Dragonflight. Our aim is to provide a place where people with such differing backgrounds are able to play and have fun together because after all, WoW is a game and we strongly believe that you should enjoy your time spent in Azeroth.

< Born of Blood > is a diverse guild made up of people from all walks of life. We have military, both active duty and veterans, as well as folks from the LGBTQIA+ community. The age range for the guild is early 20s to late 40s.

We tend to goof off and pick on one another, and our chat can be a bit on the adult side (at least on discord), so if you’re easily offended then we probably aren’t the guild for you!

While many of us mainly play WoW, you can find us playing together in other games as well, including Overwatch, Diablo, 7 Days to Die, ARK, and many more. We are not only an active guild, but a community, a place for you to call home. If you are looking for more than just a guild to raid with, but rather a group of friends who enjoy spending our free time together we would love to invite you to join our family. <3

What We Offer:

  • Guild repairs for mains and alts

  • Flasks, Potions, & Food for our raiders

  • Mythic+ runs

  • Experienced players that are willing to give advice about specs/rotation

  • A Discord server for both text/voice communication, as well as cute animal pics! Because reasons.

What We Expect From Our Raiders:

  • High attendance rate

  • Promptness. Raid invites go out 15 minutes prior to the start of the raid

  • Knowledge of your class and spec

  • Willingness to improve/adapt and being able to take helpful criticism

  • Desire to have fun and work as a team

  • Communication! We all have real lives and understand that sometimes things happen, so if you have to miss a raid night you need to be able to communicate that in our Discord

Raid Times: Tues/Thur 6:30-9pm PST (9:30-12am EST)

Current Progression: 9/9H 9/9N Amirdrassil

Minimum Requirements: 465+ ilvl

Raid Leader(s): Hoshizara & Zuludead

Current Recruitment Needs: We will consider all applications on a case-by-case basis, but our primary recruitment needs are…

Tanks - We are not currently recruiting tanks.

Healers - Monk/Paladin/Shaman

Switch Healer - Any

RDPS - Aug Evoker/Mage

MDPS - We are not currently recruiting melee DPS.

Point of Contact:

Ellimoo | Ellibear#11447 (BNet), Ellibehr (Discord)

If you are interested in becoming a part of < Born of Blood > and joining our family, please add me on BNet/Discord so we can chat further. Thanks for the read and I hope to hear from you soon! <3

Bump! Need us a pew pew mage <3

Bumpity bump! We are looking for some more DPS :heart:

Bump! We need some more DPS and a switch heals! :slight_smile:

We got H Brood down tonight! Could use some more dps and a switch healer to fill the team out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Bump! We need a few more folks to round out the team! Mainly looking for DPS and 1-2 switch healers! <3

Bumpity bump! We’re still on the hunt for some more folks for S2! Hit me up if you’re interested <3

Still on the look out for a few more dps for Aberrus! <3

As the primary raid leader for Born of Blood, I encourage anyone looking for a raiding home to sign up. I have more than four years of experience leading raid groups to achieve AOTC with a style I call ‘clarity through simplicity’.

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Bumpus Maximus. The ‘Official’ guild of ‘The Moo’.

Bump! We’re 7/9H now and could use a couple more switch heals for the team! <3

Bump! We’re on the lookout for a healer as well as some switch healers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi there! We’re still on the hunt for 1 more full time healer, ideally a shaman or holy priest!

Bump! We are recruiting in for the new raid looking for warm bodies! Message @Ellimoo if interested!

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Bump! First raid is on Tuesday, if you’re interested in trialing with us please reach out! :heartpulse:

If I join I have terms.

  1. I will lead my own raid team with people I choose.
  2. My team raids only on the weekends.
  3. Management has no say in who I include or exclude in my team.

If you can guarantee that then you got yourself an experienced raid lead.