[H] <boat shoes and scotch> Mythic reroll guild

Are you looking for a new home or searching for that something in a guild that was lost a long time ago? Want a fresh start with a community full of like-minded individuals that are searching for the same thing? boat shoes and scotch is your new spot.

About us:
We are a newly reformed adult reroll guild on Arthas [Horde] with the intent of mythic raiding come Shadowlands. We originally formed as a reroll guild during WoD on Korgath and saw instant success pushing far into mythic Blackrock Foundry along with becoming one of the most popular guilds on the server. The original 3 of us that founded the guild had missed the times we all had and have been longing for that same since of community so have decided to give it a go for round 2.

What we are looking for:

Like-minded active individuals with the intent of pushing mythic raiding content along with m+ come Shadowlands. We are an active reroll guild with a reroll date set for 4/10/2020 but you are more than welcome to transfer whatever character you would like as long as you are actively participating in the guild. We currently have a high need for all roles and classes.

Raid times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday: 9 PM - 12 AM EST

If you have any additional questions or are interested in joining feel free to add Gethus#1871, Vyntage#11618, or Khoneycutt#1439

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