[H] <Blood Rich> - 11pm-2am Tues/Thur/Sunday AOTC Guaranteed, Semi Hardcore Mythic

Contact Info: Btags - Joshchillbro#1576 (Co-GM) Stiffler420#1496 (Co-GM)

Progression for BFA

CoS (2/2 H, 0/2 M)
BoD (9/9 H, 3/9 M)
Uldir (8/8 H, 2/8 M)

Late Night Raiding Guild on Area 52. Our goal for each content is to achieve AOTC as a guild and progress into Semi-Hardcore Mythic Progression if given the opportunity.

We Raid 11:00pm (EST) til 2:00am (EST) Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. If you’re interested in joining an environment that’s low stress but able to progress give us a try.

Recruitment Priority:

deathknight (dd) medium
demon hunter (dd) medium
druid (balance) medium
druid (feral-dd) medium
mage medium
monk (dd) medium
rogue medium
shaman (elemental) medium
shaman (enhancement) medium
warlock medium
warrior (dd) high


Our #1 Expectation is Raid Attendance, We can’t progress if you can’t attend.
Properly able to play your class.
Very flexible to personalities and other amendities such as adults with children.
Should have a competitive attitude and always improving.
Working Equipment and Internet Stability.

Great guild to give you the chance to shine! Don’t wait for the opportunity to pass you by!

Yes, this is a complete sentence.