<H> Blackhand Recruiting


Blackhand (established 2005) is a Horde casual raiding guild on Malfurion/Trollbane. We are looking for mature players to join our ranks. We are a laid back guild comprised of mostly adults. We have been around for awhile, many members of the guild have been gaming together for more than 12 years. We have active members who are on every day and several more weekend only players.

Currently we are working on Uldir Raid (progression 7/8 Heroic as of 11/18/18). Our goal is to have fun and provide a comfortable environment to play in. Most of us enjoy doing harder content such as Mythic Keystones but by no means are we hardcore or elitists. We are mostly looking for players who are able to raid Tuesday and Thursday night, but if you aren’t a raider, that’s ok. If you are the type of player who just likes to do questing, dungeons, still leveling up or only play on the weekends, you can still have a place with us without feeling pressured to do otherwise. We do not force guild members to attend raids or play a particular spec, we do not ridicule guild members (other than in jest) and we don’t kick from the guild (without just cause and warning). If we see somebody struggling with gear or playing their class we instead offer help and advice so that we can all do better as a team.

Please send an in game mail message to myself or Omun (Co-leader) if you are interested in joining.

Kryptical (bnet Hohiro#1833)


Still looking for folks to join for Uldir heroic raids as well as casual players.

holler at any Blackhand member on-line or reach out on bnet.


Hello. I am an older player (51 y.o.) and my current guild has slowly died out. I am looking for a new home so I dont have to play alone. Played since day one, not big into raiding anymore, but I do enjoy the banter in guild chat and running stuff when I have time to play. Please contact me if I may be a fit for Blackhand. (This toon or Rajaat). Thank you


Hello, i mainly do M+ content as a heals and i love pushing keys, if your group would like a healer for a M+ group and if i fit in well with your guild im also slightly interested in raiding in the new tier, GingerHeals#11438 if your interested or want to talk more.



Add me as a bnet friend and we can talk.

Raiding isn’t a requirement, its an option we offer if you want to explore that content.

Casual members, family, friends, alts are always welcome.



8/8 Heroic now… looking to add some more active folks as we head into the Siege of Zuldazar.


Hey, I’m interested in joining. I’ll be sending in game mail to the leaders tonight. Looking forward to being a part!


I am very interested in joining yall’s guild. I’ve played since the beginning but took my first long break shortly after B4A released. Just came back and looking to join an active guild. Im currently leveling a warrior to “relearn” the game (can’t believe how much i forgot…)

I have a 120 enhance/resto shaman and a 120 havoc DH (im sure low ilvls due to when i took my leave.) and a hand full of low level toons

I added your battletag in game, and look forward to talking with you about the possibility of joining yall.