[H] <BLACK OMEN> Casual Progression (TU/TH: 7/8N, 3/8H) and Social M+ Guild Recruiting More Awesome People

< Black Omen > is a casual progression guild seeking members for raiding, M+ and PvP. If you seek a family friendly environment with a well-established guild of social and helpful people, look no further. We’re it.

Founded in 2005, Black Omen was one of the oldest and most prestigious guilds on the Shadow Council server, having achieved a variety of milestones in PVP and raiding and boasting the server’s first High Warlord and a 90% guild achievement rate. Most of our members have been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla or early Xpacs. We moved to Area 52 to expand our base and grow our community within the guild so that queuing for LFR or having to PUG that last DPS are annoyances of the past.

What We Do

Raiding: We are looking for a few more competent raiders to form core raiding teams. Raid nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 - 10:30 server. We are 7/8 N and 3/8 H. We are primarily interested in DPS classes at this time but are open to all classes and specs.

PvE (Mythics, Expeditions): We are regularly running keys and are gearing up to push higher. Runs occur throughout the day and night, with groups representing multiple time zones. Ours is a perfect environment to find people to run keys or simply to learn in a supportive group. We also run regular transmog and achievement runs for players of all levels.

PvP (RBGs, Arena, BGs, WPVP): We are looking to start regular rated BG teams and seek all classes and levels of experience. Currently, we have casual 2v2 and 3v3 teams, weekly late-night Call to Arms and PvP Island Expedition groups, and casual BGs on Friday nights.

Educational: New? Returning? inexperienced? Want to freshen up your skills? Black Omen is a perfect environment to learn any aspect of the game with friendly and helpful folks. Any of our members would be more than happy to help your through some of the new affixes or maybe explain how that wonky quest chain ends. If you’ve been wanting to try [insert game aspect here] but have been too afraid of being labelled a noob, we’ve got you.

Casual: Just want to hang out, do stuff on occasion, level alts and just have people to chat with? We’ve got that covered too. Don’t miss our trivia nights that also include prizes (I mentioned prizes, right?).

What to Expect

The core principle by which we operate is: be excellent to each other and have fun.

  • We treat all individuals and groups with respect.

  • We promote positive attitudes and personalities (less QQ, more whoo-hoo).

  • We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination either within the guild or without.

  • We help our fellow guildmates and know that we can ask them for help when we need it.

How to Join

Does Black Omen sound like a place you’d like to call home? Toss us a line and let us know — you’re welcome anytime. You can reach us here via the forums or find us in game.

Hertin / Drektheron [GM] Iceviper35#11664 (Discord: Iceviper35#1843)

Saison [O] RPGzealot#1117 (Discord: RPGZealot#2614)

StormySkies [O] Rainwolf#1498 (Discord: StormySkies#4117)

Hallmar [O] Hallmar#1219 (Discord: Hallmar #9666)

Additionally, you may contact any member and let them know you are interested and they will get you in contact with an officer.

We hope to hear from you. Cheers!

Updated! :smiley:

Hello , I’m currently just looking for a casual guild that I can relax in , and maybe raid down the road. I don’t mind helping out with farming mats needed for raiders if need be. I do have several 120s and some lowbies that I started playing as well. when I’m on ill be on oxenrage and if I’m not ill send my real id info with the in game mail. Have a good one and a rest of the week as well.

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With our recent roster growths, we’re now looking for a Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin (extra brownie points if you have a DPS off spec!).

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Now also recruiting people not attached at the hip to Borderlands 3… and still looking for that Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin!

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Or Pandas. Any.