[H] Bit Like Immortalis Recruiting

Contacts (in-game): Brikney, Kvas, Gossiinka, Baether, Vallenos
Type of Guild: social, casual raiding, Mythic+
Current Raid Days/Times: Wednesday/Sunday 8:30-10:30pm server time (AEST) - Not currently raiding but will with numbers again
Current Progression: 8/8H EP (AoTC for all raids this expansion)

About Us:
Our rules are simple, be excellent to each other.

We are a Heroic level raiding guild and achieve AoTC each raid tier. When we raid, we try to supply flasks/food etc, but we also expect people to be able to help with mats to share the load. Despite being more casual friendly, we also expect people to perform as it’s unfair to the other raiders if you keep dying/poor DPS/failing at mechanics. In saying that, we will always try to include people as far into the raid as possible - you won’t get better at the game if you don’t participate!

With the right people/numbers we would ‘casually’ venture into Mythic raiding, more than likely an option in 8.3. Unfortunately, a lot of people are on a bit of a WoW break at the moment, but should all be returning for patch 8.3.

We aim to get everyone who wants one, a Mythic +10 key done a week. Some of our members would also like to push +15 keys, so if that’s you, please get in touch.

Most of our members are around 30 years old and have been playing for a long time. We have a mix of friends/family groups and we try to be as inclusive as possible. It would be great to find another small group of players to join us.

We are looking for all roles and classes, healers especially.

Social members are welcome if you just want to chill in a guild while leveling/doing your thing each day.