[H] [Barthilas] [OCE] Looking for Guild

Im a mid 20s Aussie Bloke looking to play with a guild and progress through Shadowlands content.
I run mythic + as My brew master tank and I do quite well in pugs and have had over 70+ ( 1-9 keys) together combined with my Blood Death Knight. but id like to take it to the next step and try and get keystone master.
Transferred my mains over to Bart today but I will also re-roll to accommodate raid spots.
My accounts are

  • Unholy DK 222 ilvl. Currently planning on gearing through mythic + and raid. Can also go blood spec but is quite untuned this patch.
  • Brewmaster Monk 232 ilvl. Geared enough to jump into raid content, also looking to do a bit of pvp with windwalker.
    Add my Battletag and send me a message! Im quite humorous and am happy to help competent people clear content for there alts with my Tanks through dungeons etc.

Hey Zeladror,

Not too sure what you’re looking for but here is a link to our post - always looking to build our team and community! :slight_smile:

We are a casual AOTC raid team who only raid twice a week and would like to get a bit more serious possibly with keys.

Best of luck with your search!!

Just Heal Through It