[H] Banshee's Vanguard needs DPS! 6/8 H 1/8 M

(Kethahl) #1
<Banshees Vanguard> is back and currently looking for new members! Our main focus will be running heroic raids (with some mythic as well) and pushing m+ keys. We're a pretty laid back group of people who want a fun and relaxed raiding atmosphere with friends while killing some bosses.

We want to form our core raiding team soon and gear up those who need help; so if you're a fresh 120 and want to try raiding, by all means, send me a whisper and we'll see what we can do. Our members are very friendly and eager to help each other out.

Currently looking for more DPS and either a full-time healer or a DPS who is willing to swap to heal when needed

We're 8/8 N, 6/8 H, and 1/8 M in Uldir progression.

Raid times are set at Tuesday and Saturday at 7-9:30 pm server time (CST) with an optional raid alt raid on Fridays.

If you have any questions feel free to send a whisper or in-game mail to: Ehlora-Terokkar (Toasty#12224), Lowind-Terokkar, Swoobie-Alexstrasza, or Hotsforhire-Alexstrasza.

(Kethahl) #2
Bump. Need more DPS! :D

(Fellyn) #3
Totally interested, I took a break after nighthold though so I'm not quite up to date, think you'd be willing to help me out? I main both specs:D if so what times are you usually on so I can whisper you? Really wanna get back into raiding, just need help getting up to date.

(Gains) #4
I would be interested in joining. Im 9/11 heroic Argus. Resto/Enhanc. Thx!

(Kethahl) #5
Hey guys, sorry for not seeing your posts sooner! Especially yours, Fellyn :(

We'd love to have you both join if you're still interested. Feel free to add me on bnet at Toasty#12224 as I have quite a few alts I rotate between.

(Danadra) #6
Hey, returning player from WotLK and recently hit 110 :) I would love to join a guild (or even just make a friend) that knows what they're doing and wouldn't mind answering a question or two!

(Kethahl) #7
Hey there!

We'd love to have more members join! :)
I'm usually on one of my alts so your best bet is to either add me on bnet (Toasty#12224) or look up the guild in a search and speak with anyone online.

(Ehlora) #8
Back and looking for more members! :D

(Ehlora) #9
Updated our progression and what we're looking for. Really need a lot more DPS so, as I said in the main post, even if you're a fresh 120 and are interested in raiding please either whisper me or add me on Bnet. Hoping to hear from more people :)

(Ehlora) #10
Bump for more DPS

(Mangymutt) #11
I might be interested. Those times work for me. Any chance to move into Mythic at some point? That's kind of the last bastion I have to gear up.

(Ehlora) #12
Yes, actually. We're very close to being able to have our own mythic raid team. We're actually gonna start mythic this weekend with pugs now that cross-server mythic raids are available. However, we're currently looking at possibly changing our raid times. Nothing official yet, just trying to poll everyone in the guild and see what works best.

(Ehlora) #13
Updated our raid days to Tuesday and Saturday with alt raids on Fridays.

(Kethahl) #14

Had to go back and edit the main post and title since everything was reverted back to an old save when the forums updated :frowning:


Would your guild be interested in a MW/Resto druid? I love doing keys mainly but could raid in the new tier if i’d be a good fit, GingerHeals#11438 if interested.