[H] [Azshara] <Hangover Gang> new guild

Looking for a new guild? is a brand new guild looking for members. We plan to play PVE, PVP, dungeons, leveling, mythics and raids when we get to it. There is no requirements to join. We just started and wanna get more people in. Laid back and chill.

What realm are you located in? Also i’m just a level 26 Ret Paladin in the alliance and i’m new to WoW, so i’m still learning the ropes. I also have a somewhat busy work schedule IRL. Would I qualify to join?

We are in Azshara but you can join as long as your on one of the connected realms. Youre always welcome to join

Hey I will join. I’m a level 48 night elf hunter. Name is Paxden.


We are looking for members still and new members are able to try out to be an officer for the guild! Add me on battle.net or pst me in game