[H] <Augmentation> Recruiting!

Augmentation is a semi-casual mythic raiding guild currently made up of Australian and New Zealand players. We formed near the end of 8.1.5 and quickly cleared through heroic BoD. The guild’s main goal is to continue to build upon its solid team, in readiness to take on current mythic content.

We have an easy going atmosphere, friendly environment and a solid leadership team that works on the guild’s continued success. We like to have a good time, enjoy the game, but expect maturity and a razor focus when taking on progression content.

We’re currently involved in the following:

  • Raiding – Two nights a week.
  • Mythic+ – Multiple runs each week and try to get everyone their maximum ilvl cache.
  • Alt Nights – Occasional alt runs for the current raid tier, or transmog runs for older content.
  • PvP – Multiple players enjoy PvP and form teams for Arena, RBGs and the occasional Island Expedition.

Raid times:
Wednesday 7:30pm – 11:00pm AEDT
Sunday 7:30pm – 10:30pm AEDT

Current progress:
EPN: 8/8
EPH: 8/8
EPM 3/8

Recruitment needs (as of 06/08/2019):
Warlock (medium)
Rogue (Medium)
Ret Paladin (low)

We will always look at exceptional players regardless of current needs and are casual player friendly.

If you’re interested in joining Augmentation, please contact either Nia#1268 or Morgul#1842

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