(H) Audacity Recruiting All

Audacity is a well established, friendly raiding guild. Our focus is having fun clearing content while developing friendships within the game. A few of us have been together since Wrath while many more have joined us since meeting in Classic. We enjoy what the game has to offer and are looking forward to experiencing it with other likeminded people.

Above all else Audacity is focused on seeing and completing all the content that Shadowlands has to offer. Our strengths lie in our friendly team-spirit, our enjoyment of World of Warcraft, and our willingness to operate as a guild rather than as a collection of individuals. The majority of our members are adult players, who understand that raiding is a team effort both inside and outside of the raid instance, we support one another enabling our progression to further challenges, further successes and more fun. Through the challenges we’ve faced together, we have become a group of firm friends, and from my point of view, this guild and its members are second to none!

Recruitment is currently open. We are looking for all classes, all roles, all levels. Have a main/alt you would like to get into raiding or M+? Audacity is your guild. Have a tank, healer, or dps that you want to kick some butt with? Audacity is your guild. Looking to level up with people who are helpful and enjoy the game like you do? Join us!

Your success in Audacity depends purely on you.

Castle Nathria 6/10 N.

People Interested in joining Audacity should visit our discord: https://

Btag - samgar76#1493

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Updated 1/15/2021

Bumping for the game.

Picked up a few. Still looking for more

What nights are good to talk to an officer? The times I have been on there have only one or two people on.

I am on most evenings after about 730EST. Most everyone pops on and off throughout the day. You’re welcome to shoot me an in game mail and we can try to link up.

Bumping for IRL