[H] Ashkandi PVE - LF Protection Paladin

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Horde - Ashkandi - PVE

__Current Progression: __
6/6 SSC
3/4 TK

Raid Times:
Tues: 8-11:30
Wed: 8-11:30

Invites @ 7:30, pull @ 7:45 during progression.

Currently Karas on Thursdays while people are still interested.

About us:
Our motto is simple: No ***holes, no passengers. We take both seriously. If you are neither you’ll find a good fit with 30 others.

__Guild Info: __
We were previously Extinction and reformed for TBC raid sizes. We cleared all content in Classic.
We are Semi-Hardcore which means bring your consumes, know your class, know the fights, and try to kill bosses well.

__Loot System: __
25 Man Raids -
A custom tailored version of the ONSLAUGHT loot sheet system.
What is that? You submit a loot list with priority of importance for a 60 day period, which is then compared with other raider’s picks. Raiders who have the same priority for an item roll it off until everyone on that same priority level gets the item. It then moves to the next level until everyone who picked the item gets it. If no one picks an item it goes MS>OS.
It sounds like a lot but it’s fairly simple once understood. The end result is that after everyone submits their items there is a public list of priority for all items so that you know who is up next for every possible drop. It takes away the need to hoard points and pass on upgrades to get insert weapon/trinket, or for the inevitable Loot Council drama.

10 Man Raids -
MS>OS on full main runs. Alt runs are Soft Reserve

Looking for:

1 Prot Paladin

__Please Note: __
-Must be SSC & TK ready. (SSC & TK experience desired.)
-This spot will require high / 100% attendance.

Please DM me on discord ordinaryhero#6705 or @Growva#6284 or myself for more information.