[H] Area52 6/8H EP Guild LF DPS/HEALS

Hello Help is a group of experienced Mythic Raiders, our guild fell apart in the middle of Mythic Uldir. We made a new guild and are looking to get back in the Mythic scene currently filling out our roster.

Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 830pm-1130pm EST

Our officers work together to provide feast and cauldrons for raid, but we expect our raiders to come prepared with their own consumables as well. All raiders also are required to view boss fight videos and written guides to help our progression proceed smoothly.

Currently Looking for:

Healers: Resto Shaman, Disc Priest, H Pally
Melee Dps: WW Monk, Warrior, Rogue
Ranged Dps: Warlock, Spriest

All experienced and exceptional players are still welcome to apply!

If you’re interested, pst me or our recruiting officer

Discord: Shiama#3068 Bnet: Blackdelta#11333

Recruiting Officer Discord: OMGitsSparklez#0001
Bnet: Sparklez#11624