[H] Area 52 <quit> 9/10M LF Hpal!

Hi there!

Who we are:

Our long-term core has been playing together since the beginning of classic WoW and entered the Shadowlands with Castle Nathria being our first Mythic tier as a guild. We come from a competitive speedrunning background in Classic, but are on pace to achieve Cutting Edge in our very first tier.

Since the start of Shadowlands, we’ve put together and refined a core of killers with faces new and old, partnered with Gold Cap Group to provide boost sales, and achieved 9/10M with few hiccups after a late start to the tier.

What we provide:

Flasks, Feasts, Vantus, emergency consume stockpile, and an opportunity to earn gold through raid boost sales.

Raid Times/Days: Tues/Wed/Thurs 9pm-12:30am eastern
Sale runs: Monday 9pm Eastern

Current Progression: 9/10 Mythic CN

Recruitment Contacts: Sneltus#1344 Battletag / Sneltus#1189 Discord

Application: https://forms.gle/D9zHmJLqhvLwZdGv5

Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/quit

Requirements: 7/10 M / 220 item level, positive attitude, and able to meet at least 90% attendance. (willing to make exceptions for strong candidates)

Who are we looking for?

Immediate spots available for:
Holy Paladin

High Priority: Exceptional Ranged DPS or Healers

All exceptional players encouraged to apply above as we begin to bolster our roster for Sire / re-clears / sales / 9.1 / etc

Still looking for ranged for ce push!

Still looking for ranged dps for ce push!

i enjoy this guild

Looking for a huge pumper ele shaman!

Now 8/10!! Looking for ranged to help round out roster for SLG / Denny

Looking for ranged and potentially a healer for SLG / Sire prog!


Still looking for more!

Still looking for ranged dps for Phase 2 SLG prog

Still looking for ranged dps for Phase 2 SLG prog

Still looking for ranged dps for Phase 2 SLG prog

Still looking for ranged dps for Phase 2 SLG prog

Immediate Spot available for a ranged dps!

Immediate spot available for Hpal

Still looking for Hpal for SLG/Sire prog!

Added you on discord and submitted an app. Available to discuss this afternoon if you want.

LF Ranged DPS!

Close to an SLG Kill. Lets go!

Looking for a solid ranged dps to round out our roster for SLG/Sire