[H] Area 52 <Our Old Friends> New 8-Hour/2-Day CE Guild Recruiting for Shadowlands

Current Recruitment Needs:


  • Warlock - High
  • Marksmanship Hunter - Medium
  • Mage - Medium
  • Shadow Priest - Medium

Social/Aspiring Raider:

  • Any reasonable spec if you wish to be included in guild social activities such as off-night heroic.

Regardless of the aforementioned recruitment needs, reach out to us if you think you would be a good fit for our team. Arrangements can be made for someone with desirable experience and qualities, regardless of class or spec.

About Us:

Our Old Friends is a newly formed (as of Aug/20) raiding guild formed by a multi-CE experienced administration and Cutting Edge raiders. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 10pm-2am EST (7pm-11pm PST) with optional sales/heroic clears on Wednesday if we have the interest. Our goal is to clear current content in a timely manner and improve each tier we’re together.

We are recruiting people with the following characteristics:

  • Prior experience in a Cutting Edge raid environment
  • Is active in WoW
  • Has a working Mic and Discord setup
  • Has the desire to push raid content and constantly improve themselves as a player
  • Punctual

Feel free to message us on the platform of your choice if you have any questions or are interested in joining our team.

Neutralcat - Discord: Neutralcat#1488
Neutralcat - BNet: Neutralcat#1646
Sumoc - Discord: Sumoc#4954
Sumoc - BNet: Comus#11486

Looking for more, but a resto shaman in particular!

Still recruiting for efficient CE prog in Shadowlands. Looking forward to hearing from new people!

Hey doods. Still looking for some heavy hitters to join our guild for Shadowlands!

I’m around all weekend!

Still recruiting a couple more spots for Castle Nathria

Add me and let’s talk about Shadowlands raiding!

how are you guys on tanks just curious?

We have 2 experienced tanks committed for Shadowlands. However, we could use more melee dps, particularly that are comfortable being ready to back up a tank or perform specialized roles where required. Feel free to reach out if you think this might be something that interests you!

Around now to talk to any interested parties.

Finishing up our roster for Shadowlands, get onboard while you can!

We’ll be around this weekend. Hit us up!

Hi! Your guild looks like a good fit for me. Please check my LFG post here and reach out if you agree: [A] Returning Mythic raider LFG. 14 year multiclass


Updated recruitment needs. Come get on board before the pre-patch hits!

Still need a few talented ranged DPS for the new xpac!