[H] Area-52 400 Fury warrior looking for mythic+ guild


Hi guys, I am looking for a mythic + guild. I can play from 8-12 PM PST daily.

I am back after an 8 years hiatus and still learning a lot of the mechanics in dungeons. So I look forward to working with others to progress in the content.


you think you want tranfer thrall server join my guild we do mythic + tuesdays 8pm realm time


Hi I am definitely open to that. What level of mythic+ are you guys working on at the moment?


Still looking!


Hi! If you’re willing to transfer servers, Last Sanctuary (H-Turalyon) would be a great community for you. We are a social guild currently gearing for 8.2, and are placing a strong emphasis on Mythic +. We have several members, myself included, that enjoy running a wide range of keys, so if you start out low and feel comfortable you can join in on higher key pushes. Our meeting times are Sundays and Mondays at 8 pm EST, but we have guild members on at other hours besides just scheduled meeting times. If this sounds interesting to you or if you have any questions about Last Sanctuary, feel free to add me: Spooky#1595 and refer to our recruitment post below.