[H][Area-52] 395 BrM Monk LF N/H Guild


395 BrM Monk LF N/H Guild [H - Area 52] with dreams of one day being a M Progression guild. LF raid that starts between 5-8 EST any days Monday-Thursday, prefer 3 raid days a week (Also have every other tank at 120, willing to quickly gear and raid on any other class)

AOTC and previous 6/8 M in Uldir as DPS (Fultzwarlock) that has been raiding off and on for the last 13 years (I’m active duty military and that sometimes prevents me from playing online games). I’ve always been interested in tanking and have finally decided to go all in and get serious about it. I’m not necessairly looking for a raid team that is already up and running (although I wouldn’t complain if it was lol). I’m more than happy to join a newly forming team to learn and come up together, even one that is currently progressing on N.

Some pros about me:
*I always come prepared (Comsumables, Research Strats etc)
*Extremly punctual. Almost always online at least 30 minutes before raid (On EXTREMLY rare cases work may hinder this, but I will always let you know via discord IF it does happen)
*Know the in’s and out’s of my class and spec. I am always activly keeping up in the class discords, guides and any other available resources to ensure I’m at the top of my game.
*I have a lot of alts that I enjoy playing on the side. As such I tend to do a ton of research on other classes and specs. By no means am I an elitest, I do this to be a better player even on alts. This means that I’m always more than happy to sit down with somebody and help them learn and improve. If they ask of course, I’m not rude about it lol

  • Most important of all I enjoy progression! I actually enjoy wiping on a boss, analyzing what went wrong and doing a little better each time until it all finally comes together.


Still looking


Exiled is an AOTC focused raiding guild, who will dabble in Mythic raiding once all content has been cleared. We are currently 9/9H BoD and 2/2H CoS.

RAID TIMES: Currently we raid Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm-10pm est.

RAID EXPECTATIONS: Our raid times are short, so during those 2 hour windows want to be pulling. Due to our time constraints we dont want to have to explain every encounter with every pull. Discord in between pulls is typically laughing and joking around, but during the pull communication is focused on what we are doing. We expect you to come prepared with everything you will need for the encounter i.e. pots, watching videos, and properly enchanted/gems. We provide most everything except for your pots, all you need to do is ask.

ATMOSPHERE OUTSIDE OF RAID: We are a guild comprised of mostly late 20s to late 30s year old working adults. We all are typically in discord joking around with each other posting memes or picking on the Demon Hunter. Our sense of humor tends towards the dark side, so really nothing you say will offend anyone. Most of us are on almost every night running mythic plus, leveling alts, or just hanging out playing other games.

Needs: We are looking for a dedicated tank, DPS, and healers for our raid team. However if the atmosphere sounds like something your interested in, we are always recruiting social players.

If any of this sounds interesting to you please dont hesitate to contact me on discord: taurast#9407 or bnet: taurast#1518 or Nicknac on discord/bnet: theblizzur#1777
Good luck Have fun and Sorry about your key!


Taaurast thank you for the reply! But sadly I am looking for 6+ hours a week, I don’t think 4 will be enough to scratch the raid itch lol. Good luck with your future endeavor’s though!


No worries man, i wish you luck! Plenty of guilds recruiting not sure why your post hasnt gotten the love some others have.bwe have contemplated adding a 3rd day, but with our current success there just wasnt a need.


Thanks! Oh I imagine it’s just trying to find a guild that needs a tank, most guild already have the tank spots filled. Yeah if you can get done what you want to get done in less time makes sense to me