[H] <Archaic Gaming> 8/8H, 3/8M - Recruiting!

<Archaic Gaming> is a Horde Guild located on the Illidan server that is part of a long-standing community that has roots from all the way back in Vanilla. We firmly believe in a “Quality > Quantity” environment when it comes to raiding, some people just don’t have the 20+ hours a week to dedicate. Having a strong veteran core that comes from hardcore guilds in the past allows us to condense our raid days/times to 6-8hrs a week while still pushing progression.

We aren’t a “Strive for Realm First” guild, but we are a guild that wants to push the content. Every patch we aim to get Mythic “Ahead of the Curve” (AotC) so that we can say that we have completed all available current content just like those “Realm First” and “Hardcore” guilds.

Raid Schedule:
Wednesdays: 9pm – 12pm (CST)
Thursdays: 9pm – 12pm (CST)
Optional: “Alt” runs on Saturdays and lower difficulty re-clears on Tuesdays. (pending participation)

Current Needs:
Melee DPS – Low (exceptional/quality players still welcomed)
Ranged DPS – High
Heals – Medium (seeking a main-role healer)
Tanks – None (looking to DPS? Still inquire!)

* Candid Disclaimer: No raid spot is 100% secure, even for our most veteran players. We are always seeking exceptional players that can “trial” for raid spots, every spot is open to growth.

If you’re Interested in this “Quality>Quantity” environment:
1. Please have: Heroic “Ahead of the Curve”, 2/8 Mythic Experience, 370+ i-Level, & level 22 Neck.
2. Acquire performance logs (Warcraftlogs.com)
3. Most Importantly: Be Coachable (nobody likes a defensive fool that can’t take criticism)

Contact Info (B-tag):
Brochillin#1384 – “Bro-fficer”
HotCurry#1857 - Officer
Ribet#1310 – Main Tank/Officer
Demigamer#1676 – General Manager