[H] <Arcane Tempest> 10/10H | Tues/Weds 8-11pm EST

About Us:

Arcane Tempest is a PvE focused guild that is looking to fill out our roster so that we can begin mythic progression.

Formed early in this expansion by a group of friends and long-time raiders, we were an AOTC guild in 9.0. In 9.1, we’ve achieved AOTC and are looking to step into Mythic.

What We’re Looking For in a Player:

  • Active - We’re a group that likes to hang out outside of raid and want more players that are interested in other aspects of the game with a focus on M+.
  • Patient - We are not a hardcore group. We have varied experience and skill levels and attempt to mentor/work with players before ‘benching’ them.
  • Motivated - With a focus on progressing in a relaxed raid environment, we need players that are dedicated to self-improvement and preparation.

Role Availability:

We are actively seeking all positions. Our biggest need is DPS, but we’re flexible and willing to adjust for strong candidates.

Tanks - Limited

DPS - WW, Boomkin, Shadow, Mage, DK, & Enhance.

Healers - Paladin, Priest

Raid Times:

Tues 8p - 11p EST
Weds 8p - 11p EST


Discord: Surion#6794, Arbruk (Djara)#9277

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Bump to the top!

Still seeking!

Join our guild, we can send peanut butter creme pies.

I am interested in the guild. Would there be an opening for a Ret Pally and WW Monk? We are aroun 237.

Sorry, I’m just seeing your message! If you’re still seeking, reach out via discord - Surion#6794