[H] Aphyria [Hyjal] Ages 18+ WoW Guild & Highly Active 3100+ Member Multi-Gaming Community

Greetings!! Aphyria is an ages 18+ only highly active 3100+ multi-gaming community.

We currently have chapters in:

:crossed_swords: Diablo IV

:crossed_swords: Guild Wars 2

:crossed_swords: Final Fantasy XIV

:crossed_swords: Black Desert Online


:crossed_swords: World of Warcraft!!

We work hard to provide a safe, helpful, non-toxic atmosphere that is welcoming to people of all types.

Our WoW chapter is a PVE casual guild currently seeking new players to participate in all content WoW has to offer. Our Discord (discord.gg/sun) is public and open to anyone regardless if you join us, so come check us out!

Contact Khánz in game or via our discord: discord.gg/sun

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Tactical Recruit Bump, is not over yet and probably never will!

Friendly Guild for all, newcomers - returning players or veterans.
Willing to build up a player base for all the contents WoW can and will provide.

Have fun you all and see you on Azeroth!

Bump… Happy Veteran’s day!!!

Applications aren’t closed and probably never will.

Follow the instructions on the 1st post to apply and join us!

Be an Aphyrian!

Bump!! Join us today!!!

Do not be shy, recruitments won’t never end!

Make your choice and join Aphyria!

Bump! Happy belated thanksgiving everyone!!

Black Friday is gone?

Doesn’t mean our recruitment is over yet!!!

Join us under the light of the shiny Apyrian Sun!

Bump!!! Come join us!!!

I’ll keep an eye out for ya in game. Currently flyin solo.


Winter is almost there and a nice, warm and cozy place will be a good way to make it through all together to next spring!
Recruitment is still ongoing!

See you on the Sunny path of Aphyria!

M + Days are set for every tuesday at 6pm est with frequent groups throughout the week. Come and join us!!!

I put in an app.

Happy New Year! Recruitment is still open.

We’re still around! We do M+ nights Tuesdays @ 6pm EST, and Heroics/Dungeons runs on Thursdays @6pm EST for those now getting into the game. Come join us!!!

Patch 10.2.5 is here, there’s no better chance than join us now!

Let’s dragon fly all together in all Azerothian, and more, skies!

Join Aphyria!

Bump! Join us today!