[H] <Anhedonia> Casual Guild LFM (8/8N-7/8H)

<Anhedonia> (8/8N, 7/8H) is a mostly casual raiding guild looking for any DPS (ranged/melee) to fill out our raid team. We would be willing to accept another healer or tank, as our raiders are willing to play other classes/specs. Raid days are Tuesday/Thursday from 6:30 - 9:30 ST.

Our guild has been around for 10 years, and many of our members have been around for multiple expansions. We used to be a hardcore guild, raiding mythics on a regular basis. However, times change and many of us have schedules and commitments that do not lend themselves to hardcore raiding.

This is an adult guild with dark humor. We run Discord for raids. We also run dungeons (Mythics+), PVP, and level alts and such. Feel free to contact me for more information - Jenir#1652 or Zer0mous#1654.
Sent a battle tag add... anyone online?
Same as above.
Updated progress. Now looking for DPS classes to join our 5/8 heroic progression.
Still open for DPS classes.

As we have some raiders who are willing to play other classes/specs, I am open to recruiting another tank and/or healer.
Updated for progression. We are looking for:

holy priest
holy paladin
monk healer

demon hunter

Any class

We are willing to accept other classes/specs. Please contact me in game for more information.

sounds like you need more hunters