[H] <Angry Mob> T&Th 8:30-11:30pm EST 8/9M LFM for 8.2!

Yes I’m scared and confused there’s actually people in trade chat now. o.O

Still looking for some peeps, maybe another healer and one or two ranged dps :smiley:

Big Mekka kill! Still looking for solid dps and a healer!

big blockade pulls and alt night tonight wheee :cake:

Still looking for the right healer, hit us up!

big bump for healers and DPS :slight_smile:

Thursday bump! Still looking for a skilled healer ready to jump into blockade/jaina prog

Blockade down, bump for 8/9 :grin:

its wednesday! join the mob

Still looking for some big pumpers!

this 9/9M experienced :wink: guild is still looking for another healer (priestssss we love you) and some big dps!

It’s time to start thinking about 8.2 and Rise of Azshara! Talk to us if you are looking for a new home :blush:

Plenty of time to trial over the next couple of weeks and have guild to call home for this next tier, hit us up!