[H] <Angry Mob> T&Th 8:30-11:30pm EST 8/9M LFM for 8.2!

To the top :grin:

Wednesday bump! Running a heroic tonight for potential new recruits! Join us :slight_smile:

Neato Burrito

Updated with needs, looking for 1-2 solid DPS now, ranged or melee :slight_smile:

Awesome Posum

Come join us, we’re fun! :smiley:

Monday bump :grin: Come join the mob!

Running heroic tonight! Come hang cross-realm, we have cookies :monkey_face:

1 more dps needed! lets gooo :tada:

What are y’all looking for, melee or ranged?

Updated requirements, LFM!

Yep yep still hunting down those dps!

Now that cross-realm is open, trialling is even easier! Still looking for a couple of strong DPS :grin:

Rasta down! come join the fun, still looking for some dps!

Its a good time

I need a mage friend, pls im lonely.

Come Join.

Late night bump! Looking for some ranged dps still!

Big Bump!!

Not on dead server anymore!