[H] <Angry Mob> - Malganis 11/11 Sepulcher 10/10M SoD 8hr/wk LFM

Angry Mob is a long-standing active raiding guild that moved to Mal’Ganis during BoD. Our goal is to progress efficiently on a light schedule.

Raid nights:

  • Tuesday, Thursday: 9:00pm - 1:00am EST

  • Optional Wednesday sale/farm run: 9:30pm EST

Actively Recruiting:

  • Skilled ranged DPS

We’re casually semi-hardcore, many of us being grown up nerds with IRL responsibilities. We favour self-motivated players that understand their class and actively use logs and other tools to maximize DPS while dodging (most of the) fire. We have a very short raid week, so being on time and ready for raid is important.

Our leadership is experienced and our raid atmosphere is pretty chill. Our player base includes a broad range of people; from US Top 50 raiders, highly achieving M+ and pvp players to people who are new to mythic raiding.

A ton of mythic raiding experience, while nice, is not a must. Skilled players from all backgrounds earn their raid spot through performance, attendance, activity and attitude. There is no “old boys club” here. If you want to play with us, we want to play with you.

For more info, reach out to any of the following:

  • Jesz - GM - (bnet: jesz#1830, discord: jesz#4542)
  • Kulifa - Raid Lead - (bnet: Kulifa#1531, discord: Kulifa#2993)
  • Alasper - Officer - (bnet: Alasper#1813, discord: Alasper#2816)

To apply, contact an officer or submit an application here:

Still looking for a healer that’s the right fit!

Still looking for a healer! preferably MW and any ranged DPS! Mythic is approaching fast!

Someone come take my healer spot tomorrow! I can’t raid and I’m super bummed about it. My loss is your gain!

(Full time spot still open though for reals)

still a couple of days left to trial before mythic starts next week :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy mythic week! We’re still looking for the right healer for our group. Get in touch!

Where all the healers at?! Come join! :slight_smile:

Big 2/8M, Blackwater going down tomorrow! Still looking for another healer! Disc Priests lookin’ at you!

bump for 3/8M!! biggg week :fire:

Ashvane almost dead, still looking for a biiiiig healer prefer Disc Priest come on over!

Still looking for another healer and a Shadow Priest, bonus points if you are a disc priest :slight_smile:

Now accepting applicants for some dank DPS if ya think you can hang send an app or hit me up on Discord: Turbo#9504

bump for ashvane’s funeral

bump for 4/8M!! Looking for a DPS Warrior and Shadow Priests.

+1 for juicy shadow priest :grin: lets gooo

we’re a bunch of gamers

orgozoa deeeead!

Hi, ranged DPS plz come :slight_smile:

still looking for ranged dps!

Hi healers come too! :slight_smile: