[H] [Anathema] <Legion of Fury> AQ Progression Guild Recruiting All Good Vibes!

Greetings Old Blanchy!

Khal from Anathema here with exciting news! Back home, the chillest Horde guild Legion of Fury is recruiting players of all shapes and sizes. Currently play Alliance? No problem! Want to play a shadow priest, enchancement shaman, or boomkin in a raid? No problem! We are looking for people who are willing to invest themselves into the community and get on board with our founding policy of only good vibes. Anathema is a small server, and has an amazing community. All of the Horde guilds work especially well together and it is so nice to see. We currently have 2 raids up and running, clearing BWL and MC, as well as ZG and usually Ony weekly. We are looking for players of all levels and experience ranges, as we truly do enjoy helping each other grow. We have built a culture around helping, caring, and being kind and it has paid off ten-fold!

For raids: We raid AQ40 on Wednesday/Sunday and BWL/MC on Mondays at 8 PM CST. We are recruiting everybody for raiding as we are still filling out our final core for both raids. However, we are most in need of shaman, hunters, and warriors.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, reach out to me on Discord: Khal#3763 or find me in game on Anathema with a /who Khal.