[H] <Ambiguous> Thurs/Sun 9pm-12am Recruitment

Ambiguous are actively recruiting to finalize our raid rosters across three raid teams. This posting applies to the “Grand Masters” team - further information provided below:

Thursday and Sundays - 9pm-12am ST (AEST)

Grand Masters will be a fully rostered, Semi-Hardcore 25-man raid team with a solid bench for rotation and absences. The goal is to progress smoothly through Naxx including pushing achievement runs as far as possible. Then carry on a strong team into Ulduar with realistic sights set on hard modes when the team is ready.

Open Bid DKP

Actively Seeking
Resto Druid - 1
Warlocks - 1 - 2
Boomkin - 1
Feral Druid - 1

All other classes and exceptional players are encouraged to apply. Should you wish to apply please contact Jaaceson#8184 through discord or Acedecay in-game.