(H) Altoholics Anonymous-Has all Guild Mounts

I am pleased to inform that AA has recently acquired access to all of the Guild Vendor mounts! Including the guild achievement mounts! I’ve had a couple of people message me this expansion, asking about the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent, as well as the Battleboar. The raid team took the time the other night to knock them all out, so we have them!

Dark Phoenix-Requires lvl 70/Exalted with guild. (3000g)
Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent-Requires lvl 85/Exalted with guild. (3000g)
Blacksteel Battleboar-Requires lvl 40/Exalted with guild. (4000g)

Guild invite and mount access is open to all! Just PM any officer for an invite.



I know it’s been months since you made this post, but are you all still accepting guild invite requests? I’m still trying to get a couple of these mounts and can create a new toon on Bloodhoof :slight_smile:

Our guild is now Pixel Nerds. Same guild, just changed the name. Just request an invite through the guild invite….thing or DM just about anyone online. Everyone should be able to invite. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile: