[H] Altercation is recruiting 4/9H

Hey everyone. Altercation is recruiting skilled players that want to progress in Heroic and help make our way into Mythic. We are currently accepting all classes and specs. 385+ ilvl to raid in our Heroic group but all ilvls are welcome to join as we will help to gear you up and get you into heroic and Mythic raiding.

Our raid nights are Saturday and Sunday from 6-9p Server time. Optional Normal runs on Fridays to help gear members and also help them learn the fights and play a spec they’ve been wanting to but could not. We try and do Mythic’s on a nightly basis and also do xmog runs from time to time. While we’re not a hardcore guild we are focused during raid nights and expect anyone who is with us to give 100%.

What we offer… Discord for communication and fun times and laughs. Guild repairs after being in the guild for 2 weeks and showing that you’re active and we can get along :slight_smile:. An active guild with members that are willing to help you when you’re in need. Lastly we are an adult(ish) guild meaning that we all have families and understand that family comes first, but we also give each other crap and have a very fun time doing it!

If you’re looking for an active guild and a place to call home then look no further. If you have questions feel free to shoot me a tell, Buche is my IGN, I tend to be on nightly. If you can’t find me online then shoot me an in game mail or just add me to friends!

Hello! Are you still recruiting? If so,id be interested in joining. Thx!