[H] <Alone Together> A Semi-Casual OG Near You! Recruiting!

Just your standard, run of the mill semi-casual guild looking for laid back people.
  • Been away for a while and your guild is quiet? We have green text!
  • Have more alts than you know what to do with them? So do we, let’s level!
  • Want to see that raid content but don’t care about Mythic raiding? We gotcha, boo!
  • Only have enough time in the day for mythic dungeons and leveling? Check!
  • Want to find some arena teams? Doing that too!
  • Family person or take long breaks for rl stuff? Yeah, we want you too!

Many of us have been around since Wrath, and even a few Vanilla oldies. Share your achievements or just have a place that has fun. New to the game? We want you too! Currently, we have open raiding spots as long as you meet a basic criteria. Talk to an officer to get more info!

Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 7:45 CT to 11:00 CT. Other guild involvement based on interest. (Tournaments, Racing, Old Content, or Other Games)

For those wanting to see the raiding content, our goal is AOTC then mount achievements. We are not interested in mythic progression but encourage members that want to see more challenging content. For my Pvp beasties, we will cheer you on as you climb the pvp ladder and you might even find a team mate or two to climb with you.

Still with me? Then hit me up on Discord so I can answer your questions; Or just message any guild member to direct you to the right person!

Warlocks must use Glowing Soul wells

I agree, Soul wells that dont glow aren’t worth making

Looking for those ranged kings and queens that are super chill. Also listed in the guild finder!

Edit: 9/10! Sire Denny- We come for your head!

Edit again: 10/10 Heroic! Going to be pushing a bit into mythics to prepare for the next level of content.

Looking for more to join our community.

Come chill with us on discord! Most of us have cleared our primary goals and are playing other games but keeping connected in discord with our guest channels and member only VIP channels!




(Link expired? Message me directly at Nice#0333 to get a new link. Access through the link will grant a temporary membership unless an officer makes you a community member. We look forward to seeing you!)