[H] Aggramar <Voyager> recruiting heroic raiders for SL

There’s coffee in that nebula!

<Voyager> is looking for heroic raiders and M+ players for Shadowlands. Our goal is to push content in a relaxed but efficient environment.

We are horde side Aggramar, and raid Tues/Friday @ 7:00 pm server (central). We are a heroic guild – our goal is to get AotC, then down as many mythic bosses as we can without hitting a wall or getting frustrated; we aren’t looking to no life anything. We love pushing content and are also very much altoholics.

Looking for DPS. Recruitment is closed for tanks and healers.

Our raiders are 12/12H Nyalotha; we formed after farming for weeks, so our wow progress is not indicative of what we’ve cleared.

Contact Saltare#1876 (bnet) or saltare#5546 (discord) for more info.


What are you looking for for your raid team/guild?

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Main tank is set in stone, but past that we have no restrictions on recruitment right now, as several players are willing to be flexible and raid as whatever spec/role we need.


Well at this moment I am hopping servers looking for a new home for me and my pocket healer. I am a raid tank with the experience that goes back to BC and he has been raid healing since WoLK. I am a Pali/DH tank and he is a Priest/Monk Healer, switching as the need arises.

Recruitment is now closed for tanks and healers. Looking for DPS!

Still looking for a couple of DPS to round out the roster.

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Please for the love of God take me. I can’t pug anymore… im on a min of 6 hrs a day, good sport, want to do pvp, over, achieves, literally anything/everything. I want to get better gear and the pug scene makes me want to shoot my cat. (Idont actually have a cat but if I did it probably wouldn’t have survived this long) if I have to que with one more group of ppl that don’t know the mechanics of a 9 month old raid just to wipe and have half the raid quit, and then continue that cycle for 2 hours without ever killing a boss idk what ill do…

Cheers thx

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Meant pve* not over. And im also a DPS. I main a destro lock ilvl 108.

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lol I understand. Add me on bnet (saltare#1876) so we can get you in!

Still looking for DPS to fill up the roster.

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Need a dps or two, pref ranged.

Still need some DPS for the team!

Looking for ranged dps.

Just a need a few more DPS players