[H] Aftermath US-Zul'Jin 6/10M

Hey all,
The Aftermath on Zul’Jin is a semi-competitive raiding guild, led by experienced cutting edge players. Our goal for this guild is to achieve cutting edge within a very few tiers. We are looking for dedicated raiders that share this same goal, as we are looking to create the most successful and stable raiding environment possible! We have a solid base of players all of such are in our 30s married with kids. We do not have and will not have any young raging nerds, We are a ZERO drama guild, it is NOT tolerated here and will result in an instant G kick.

We’re also interested in growing our Mythic + community, so if pushing IO is your thing, we’d like to have you around as well!

Raid Times:

Tuesday, Thursday 9-12 am EST with Sunday being our Heroic Alt/Sale runs.

We fully expect all our raiders to be on and in the instance before 9 pm EST.

Current Progression:
*10/10H 5/10M

Aftermath Current Recruitment Needs


Restoration Shaman
Restoration Druid
Mistweaver Monk

Ranged Dps:

MM Hunter
Balance Druid
Fire Mage

Melee Dps:


Feel free to apply if your class is not listed here. We are always looking for incredible players.


* Keeping your character up to date (Mythic+, Weeklies, etc.)
* Open to constructive criticism and advice.
* Positive mindset
* 95% attendance
* Prepared(Flasks, Potions, etc.) 

Cauldron and feasts will be provided for Mythic progression


Matics#11150 Battle net - Matics#4228 Discord

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Looking for Dps! Only a few Solid dps!!

Looking for a solid Melee Dps, Spot open for Sk kill tonight <3

I think tacobell is decent, change my mind…btw Wtb dps <3

Or you can message me if he looks too scary!!! Vel#7996 on disc <3

Ranged! Hunters Locks boomkins mages !

alliance reroll, 3/10m experience mage main since vanilla… hit me up on bnet or disc to talk about killing pixilated dragons

bnet - dsmcub#1136
disc - tasenshadsen#7080

4/10M CN, Lady Sub 40 % Within 5 pulls. LF Ranged +Unholy DK

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Hello, We need a mage. ty <3

5/10 Will be 6/10 Tues. Wtb mages and locks :*(

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6/10 LF Warlock only :slight_smile:

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Wheres my locks at!!!