[H] <Aeon> LF Resto Shaman & DK For Semi-Hardcore AOTC Focused Group


We are recruiting a very talented Restoration Shaman and DPS DK to achieve AOTC for the rest of Shadowlands. If you enjoy performing at a high level but are not interested in mythic progression, this may be the raid for you. Our raid times are Tuesday/Friday/Sunday from 8 to 10 EST during progression.

Our raid consists of experienced players that have achieved AOTC every tier for the past 4 years (starting in Legion). This group thrives on confrontation and the ability to take criticism well. With that being said, we are constantly joking during trash and in between pulls…we even have our own professional soundboard sampler.

We expect every member of the team to be up to date on their class, come to raid prepared with consumables, and to maintain their character every week. Weekly character maintenance includes doing a weekly mythic plus key. After AOTC is earned, we typically farm the raid for several weeks and take a break until the next raid comes out.


can message Nilla#11516 or Shlomo#11632 in game with questions/inquiries

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