[H] Adopted (late night guild) LF Ranged DPS for ICC

We raid Wed/Sat at 10:30 pm Eastern (7:30 pm Server Time) for 3 hours each night (can go slightly over on prog), with 10 mans typically happening on Fridays. Plenty of people joining GDKPs together on their alts as well.

Not a hardcore guild but we clear all the content. Have five 50/50 cloaks in the guild at this point (with a few near misses) if that gauges us for you. Pretty nice people here - we have a decent little community. Definitely some joking around mixed in with the seriousness. Some strong players mixed in with our more casual players, but no one is an elitist.

For recruitment we’re interested in a good, consistent ranged dps. Warlock would be absolutely best but if you’re a good spriest/boom/ele/mage that would be great as well.

Anyway, if interested you can add one of us
(globogym or .damaz) on discord, or via battletag (Damaz#11630) thanks for looking and hope you all find a guild you like.