[H] <Actual Apes> Weekend CE guild recruiting for SL

Actual Apes on Zul’jin (H) 12/12M is a newly focused mythic raiding guild recruiting members for Shadowlands. We began progression raiding together in Ny’alotha in late May and have been building momentum ever since.

Progression nights are Sat/Sun 8-11p EST, and we do an optional farm run & RBGs on Fridays.

High priority: Ranged dps
Medium priority: Resto shaman, Resto druid

If your spec isn’t listed above, we will always consider a player who demonstrates skill and knowledge of their class while maintaining a competitive attitude.

We often push high keys or arenas while not raiding. We also do guild events, like transmog competitions, and play other non-Blizzard games together during our off-time. We’re a social bunch, and our discord is always a fun time!

For more info, reach out on discord: xraycat#6774

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Idk if you saw this guy.

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Thank you!! <3

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Hello yes I’m here to bump up the jam

Bump! We’re still looking for a few solid dps