[H] <Acolytes> Turalyon | Recruiting for Shadowlands

We have a huge presence in WoW Classic and decided to create an active presence in Retail WoW as well.

We continue to do Heroic Nyalotha raids and Mythic dungeon runs weekly. We will experience everything there is in the upcoming expansion of Shadowlands. We are looking to recruit raiders and social members into the Acolytes.

We get sh*t done and have a fun time along the way!

  • If you plan on raiding - Requirements will be updated as we get into the expansion of Shadowlands. Will be doing Normal and Heroic for sure. We will evaluate for Mythic on Castle Nathria when we get closer.
  • If you aren’t looking to raid, we are looking for people who love WoW, want to partake in what Shadowlands has to offer along with any guild wide events that may include legacy content, achievements, etc.

About Us
The Acolytes were founded in 2005 with the basic principle of creating a strong, social gaming community. Since then we’ve offered many outlets for our members to enjoy their time together as a community. We could be grouping together doing a dungeon, pvp’ing, raiding or playing a drinking game in Discord. We offer a chance to join a Guild that won’t troll it’s members or self destruct over night. We are going on our 15th year as a community.

Although our raid times may be in the evening we will have people on within the guild at all hours of the day/night. If you are interested and or have questions please feel free to contact us here or join our Discord!

Faction: Horde
Server: Turalyon
Guild Type: Raiding/Shadowlands Content/Guild Events (Legacy Content/Achievements/etc) | 12/12 Heroic Nyalotha | 12/12 Normal Nyalotha
Raid Schedule: Raids on Tue/Thur. Starts at 7pm PST.

Discord Contacts:

BNet ID = FatGoat#11178

What Can You Expect from Us?
A documented community past is nice and all, but we want to maintain the mentality of what have we done lately for our community members. We want to build a strong, thriving, long term Acolytes raiding guild in World of Warcraft. No one wants to join a guild that is dead 4 months into the game. We feel our history shows that we maintain long track records in the MMO’s we join.

Just a few items we can provide you as a member:

  • An environment to progress and successfully complete raids and goals
  • Active Discord to chat about World of Warcraft
  • Scheduled guild raid nights
  • An environment where we get things done and have a fun time doing it
  • Experienced and friendly players to help all levels of gamers

What Do We Expect From You?
We are looking for people who love World of Warcraft, who enjoy raiding and are looking to take part in a fun and exciting time in the history of World of Warcraft with these new Classic servers. Many great memories will be made.

We expect the following from you:

  • Level-headedness
  • Team players who value their peers and guild
  • Active community participation
  • Sense of self-worth and pride without arrogance
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Harassment of other players/members is not tolerated
  • We expect behavior befitting adults. Drama will be quickly dealt with and should not disrupt guild activities.
  • Liking pie is optional

Discord: discord.gg/WxjVUfg
Twitter: acocommunity
Facebook: acolytesgaming
YouTube: AcolytesCommunity


Everyone join us! We have a ton of fun. We support those trying to level, gear up, or just want to be social. Our raids are always full of laughs, but we get it done. Can’t ask for a better gaming community. We have pie!

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We still have spots open. Come run some M+'s with us, raid with us, have a good time and get sh*t done as Sepheral said!

Still have room for down to earth people who like to get things done! Come get your AOTC soon with us!

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Awesome group to raid and dungeon with!

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Fun times, get stuff done, still looking for more people!

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I’m having a blast!

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We also run some Normal Nyalotha runs for alts and those that may be lower in ilvl. Come join the fun! Still have room for those that want to raid and run M+'s through the week!

Still looking for great people who love WoW to fill out our full 20 person raid that will be heading into Mythic!

Welcome to the newer people who have joined our guild recently! Come join the fun, you can check out some of our YouTube videos of previous raids as we are still looking for more to fill a full 20 for getting into Mythic Nyalotha!

We are now AOTC! Still looking to fill some raid spots for now and into Shadowlands. Do you enjoy running M+'s and Raiding? You will feel at home here!

Come get your AOTC! Many people coming back for the upcoming Shadowlands!

Been an Acolyte for about 5 years now. It’s been a wild ride for sure. If your interest isn’t just WoW there’s plenty of other MMO divisions to explore. Hit up Fatgoat on Turalyon in game!

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Indeed, we are in multiple MMO’s. We are looking to add more into the mix for WoW as Shadowlands gets closer!

Good times all around.

Looking for a great guild to enjoy all of shadowlands with? We got you covered! Hop on in Discord or contact us here and we will get you in.

Shadowlands hype!

Come on expansion patch, I wanna be a Zombie!

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Having fun together while waiting for Shadowlands!

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We are looking for a few more people to fill out our Shadowlands raiding roster. We will be starting on normal, then through Heroic and eventually onto Mythic. Come join us and experience this great expansion from the start!