[H] [A52] < Nova Horizon> 6/10M Recruiting long term raiders

Searching for a guild that values community and success? Consider Nova Horizon!

▬▬▬ About Us
We currently have three raid teams:
Team 1: YUH - Currently: 6/10M Castle Nathria
Team 2: FG - Currently 6/10M Castle Nathria
Team 3: Weekend Warriors - Currently our alt running team proging Heroic

NH is a PvE focused guild with a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly community. We’re a new guild, born out of the dissolution of our previous guild, Crisis Averted, and after stabilizing are looking to build a community, push content, and have a good time.

We’re recruiting skilled players who prefer two raid nights a week. However, people of all playstyles are welcomed, including those who are only interested in M+ or playing casually.

Off-night activities include: M+, achv/mog/pet runs, & more!

▬▬▬ Raid Schedule

FFE: Progress - Tues/Wed 9:30p-12:30a EST

FG: Progress - Tues/Wed 8p-11p EST

WW: Friday/Saturday 9p-12a

▬▬▬ Recruitment Criteria
We’re recruiting for long-term core spots. That said, we also accept casual players who only want to fill in and social members looking for a place to hang out.

The ideal recruit:
-18+ required, 21+ preferred
-Respectful, friendly, & mature
-Continuously works on improving gear & performance
-Able to give advance notice of availability
-Consistent with attendance
-Understands their class well & keeps up with changes
-If a hybrid class, maintains a DPS set & is comfortable using it when needed (example: healer & DPS or tank & DPS) - Not required, but a definite plus!
-Shares our goal of enjoyable progression
-Comfortable with constructive criticism/feedback

Recruitment for Shadowlands is open to ALL classes!
We are most interested in the following:

FFE: Currently seeking DPS
DPS: Highest Priority: Warlock, Druid, Mage, Monk | Medium Priority: Others

FG: Currently seeking DPS
DPS: Highest Priority: Priest | Medium Priority: Others

WW: Currently accepting all roles

Regardless of Skill and personality are more important to us. If we’re a good fit, we’ll make it work!

▬▬▬ Contact Info & Where To Apply
Officers: Soulrreaper, Punition

If interested in joining, please whisper/mail either of us listed above or /who and ask for an officer. Battletag info available upon request. Comments here will be checked regularly as well. If you prefer to contact via Discord, contact Bad_Vegan#7416 (please include your class/spec in your message).

While we may be a new guild, we are here for the long run and want to build a community where people can come for a good time and feel welcome. If you’re not willing to take both the ups and downs together, please don’t waste your time or ours.


bump! Looking for all exceptional players and anyone wanting a good community!

still recruiting!

The FG team still have multiple spots? I’d be interested in chatting this evening if so.

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Yea we have 7 dps spots still open!


Bump! Come hang with the FG team. Got H Sire on-farm, Just need abled bodies for our push into M! We also enjoy helping with M+ & Torg. :slight_smile:

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bump! Come chat with us!

Hi! I’m interested in joining this guild. I spend equal time between Shadow and Holy Priest. My preference is healing though. I’d like to apply to the WW team. I can raid on Friday evenings and some Saturday evenings.

bump. we want youuu!

still looking for awesome people!

BUMP. Foolish gaming is now 2/10 Mythic

bump! looking for some more strong dps for FG

Bump. Info Change: FG currently preferring Shadow Priest w/ ability to off-spec. As always, all exceptional dps considered.

bump. FG now 3/10 M and FFE now 5/10 M seeking a warlock!

Bump! Still looking for members whether starters or bench seekers interested in joining!

Bump. Raid Team 1 “FFE” now 6/10 M seeking boomkin, monk, lock, mage.

Raid Team 2 “FG” 3/10 seeking two dps with preference to shadow priest with os heal with holy pref, and unholy/frost dk.

As always, exceptional players will be considered regardless of class/spec/role.

bump! we are still needing dps to fill out our roster!

looking for exceptional dps! needing a priest with heals os!

I have arrived to BUMP