[H] [A52] Certified Crankers 9/10M recruiting for CE

Hey all,

Certified Crankers (Area-52) is a laid back yet semi-competitive guild, led by experienced cutting edge players. Our goal for this guild is to achieve cutting edge within very few tiers. We are looking for dedicated raiders that share this same goal. We are looking to create a stable fun atmosphere inside the raid and out.

Raid Times:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8-11 pm EST with Sunday being our optional night where we do Sales, Heroic alt runs, RBGs, etc.

We fully expect all our raiders to be on and in the instance before 8 pm EST.

Current Progression:

  • 9/10M


* Keeping your character up to date (Mythic+, Weeklies, etc.)
* Open to constructive criticism and advice.
* Positive mindset
* 95% attendance
* Prepared(Flasks, Potions, etc.) 

Cauldron and feasts will be provided for Mythic progression



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