[H] <A Reddit Dystopia> Multiple Raid Teams Recruiting

A Reddit Dystopia is a large gaming community with 10+ Progression Raid teams at various levels of progression from Normal Only groups to Mythic Progression. Additionally, our teams run at various different times, so chances are we have a group that fits your schedule.

If you are interested, join us on Discord: discord.gg/CzdNJzc

Heroic Progression - Teams that will do Normal and Heroic only
Mythic Casual - Teams that will do Mythic after it is cross-realm
Mythic Progression - Teams that primarily focus on Mythic

Tim Hortons | <Roll for Fall Damage>
Type: Mythic Progression
Schedule: Wed/Mon, 730pm-1030pm
Progress: 3/8M (8/9M BoD)
Needs: DPS

Waffle House | <Waffle House>
Type: Mythic Progression
Schedule: Tues/Thurs, 10pm-1am
Progress: 8/8H (3/9M BoD)
Needs: 4 DPS

White Castle | <Resounding Maybe>
Type: Mythic Progression
Schedule: Fri/Sat, 12am-3am
Progress: 3/8M (8/9M BoD)
Needs: None

Shoney’s | Cross Realm Guild
Type: Heroic Progression
Schedule: Tues/Thurs, 1130pm-2am
Progress: 7/8H (9/9H BoD)
Needs: None

Pixel Perfect | Cross Realm Guild
Type: Mythic Casual
Schedule: Mon/Tue, 8pm-11pm
Progress: 6/8H (9/9H BoD)
Needs: Monk DPS or Healer

Joe’s Crab Shack | <Joe’s Crab Shack>
Type: Mythic Progression
Schedule: Wednesday, 8pm-11pm
Progress: 8/8H (6/9M BoD)
Needs: None

Sizzler | <Roll for Fall Damage>
Type: Mythic Casual
Schedule: Saturday, 8pm-11pm
Progress: 5/8H (1/9M BoD)
Needs: Any DPS (Melee Preferred)

Olive Garden | <A Reddit Dystopia>
Type: Heroic Progression
Schedule: Tuesday, 8pm-11pm
Progress: 3/8H
Needs: Everything

Del Taco | <Roll for Fall Damage>
Type: Heroic Progression
Schedule: Wednesday, 8pm-11pm
Progress: 0/8N (4/9H BoD)
Needs: Everything

Sushi from Japan | <Waffle House>
Type: Heroic Progression
Schedule: Sunday, 10pm-1am
Progress: 0/8N (6/9H BoD)
Needs: 1-2 Melee (Pref. Rogue or Feral Druid)

MacMeaties | <Resounding Maybe>
Type: Heroic Progression
Schedule: Wednesday, 11pm-2am
Progress: 0/8N (9/9H BoD)
Needs: Heals and DPS

Interested. The discord link has expired

Do you have a lot of people who run mythic+ dungeons?

Its a very large community, it usually isnt terribly difficult to find a M+ group

and the link is expired?? weird. there is a new one in the OP.

This is a fantastic post. 3 thumbs up.

Updated team progress and needs

Updated team progress and needs. Many of our teams are looking for several people

Updated team progress and needs. Still looking to fill multiple spots on multiple teams.

Updated team needs and progress

Updated for Eternal Palace