[H] 9/10H <BRB Bowflexing>

Attention Drak’Thul & Skywall


Server(s): Hydraxis-US, Drak’thul-US, Skywall-US, BoreanTundra-US, Mok’Nathal-US, Terenas-US, Shadowsong-US & Silvermoon-US

Faction: Horde

Current Progress: 10/10N & 9/10H

Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 5-7pm Pst. Monday Cleanup/Farm 7-9pm pst.

Currently Looking For: Mage, DH, Rogue, Priest and Exceptional players.

About Us: BRB BOWFLEXING is a semi-Casual progression guild. Our GM has raiding experience all the way back to Vanilla. We formed during SL prepatch. Just recently we cleared house of all our underperforming raiders.


Battlenet: ODLICIOUS#1365

Discord: Kaba#8313

hi. still looking for raiders?