[H] 8/10M Raiding guild LF reliable DPS/adults [2 Days]

Raid Times:: Tues/Wed 8PM to 12AM EST
Current Progression: 8/10 Mythic
Current Needs: Mage, DK, Warrior, Boomkin
Recruitment Contact Information:

Discord: Billmauro#5667 (GM) or Sarin#2284
B-Net: Levios#1714 or Kyle#18642

Links to guild information:


Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum is an old school raiding Guild that has recently transferred to Mal Ganis and is rebuilding. We have previously held top 100 us ranks on multiple tiers stretching over a number of years and are in search of like minded individuals to help us build a long time guild.

Raid times are Tu/We/ 8-12 EST. The overwhelming majority of the expansion is a 2 day schedule. We will be using the third day as heroics when needed as well as sale runs and during the first couple weeks of mythics, which will be Thursday.

If you are looking at joining us you should desire 3 things above all else:

An unbiased, stable, drama-free raiding environment led by experienced top end raiders.
Raiders that are held accountable for constantly improving and being the best
Efficiency and attitude needed to push top rankings on a 2 day schedule.

What we expect from you:

That you show up early, prepared with full consumables, knowledge of fights and strategies ahead of time.
That you are able to think analytically and understand that the mechanics of a fight are the most important thing not your numbers
That you have a stable history of raiding
That you can conduct yourself appropriately in a group of 25+ people
That you are able to review logs and improve yourself on a weekly basis
You are okay with sitting out on fights once in a while

What you can expect from us:

Unbiased leadership
Raiders that have raided and led many different top US guilds
A lean roster, we make sure not to recruit people for the bench
A long term home with people who are laid back and wish to progress with other like minded individuals
The best players will be the ones who get the most raid time for progression
Low drama, most of us are 30 and it goes a long way to keeping things running smoothly

Opa priority for boomy, dk, mage, war.

See above for more.

Must be at least ten characters

Opa. Priority for warrior, mage, boomy, dk

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Mages, Boomies, DK, War

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Warrior, Mages, Boomies, oh my?

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