[H]8/9H <No Offense> Late Night 11:30pm-2:30am ET Recruitment Closed

(Vhye) #1

As our roster is full, recruitment is currently closed. Thank you for your interest!


Fresh 120 returning player here. In replying because you seem like a desirable team and the times are good. I’m gearing as fast as I can given my irl schedule (work and family). I’d like to be an eventual potential candidate for the team

(Vhye) #3

Hit me up in game; if you’re looking for a guild to help you along, we do that too - M+ and general fun. Send me a btag request :slight_smile:


Still looking for Plate/Ranged DPS.

(Vhye) #5

We’re still looking for plate DPS and a mage or two.


Where them plate and mageDeeps at?


ISO: Plate DPS; to try and beat me.


low IQ warlock needs mage friend for study group, can provide transportation

(Vhye) #10

Bumping. Still looking for plate DPS (our lonely Paladin needs armor friends!) and a mage or two!


Come on plate friends and mages! come out from under that rock!

(Vhye) #12

Bumping yet again, still looking for 1-2 more plate DPS and 1-2 mages.


i was told to come here and bump this. i have succeeded.


Here we go again!!! BUMP


Where the my glass cannons at? Come on mages!!! We NEED your portals and Deeps.

(Vhye) #16

Indeed, a mage would make our lives complete. Fair warning we broke our last three mages.