[H] 70 Rogue / Alt Resto Shammy. LF Normal/AOTC Raid guild

Transferring 2 toons over here. I did not do my research so I started up on an EST server and as a result I carry a constant, unrelenting 80MS + at all times.

After having a bad time at a M+ last night, falling very short of what my guild expected due to lag. I am moving myself along to a place I can be useful.

I am not a Mythic level player and I am not particularly amazing at this game or my class. But I do love dungeons and raiding. I DO love playing this Rogue and I am a reliable raider.

Normal Raider with potential to do heroic if I can perform well consistently but mainly focused on normal raiding at the moment.

Preferred raid times are ANY DAY other than Thursdays.
Times I would really love to raid morning/afternoons but I realize there arent many guilds that can optimize those times because people… well yall have jobs and stuff… LOL!

Thank you for your consideration,

Xentel - 70 UD Rogue 766 M+ rating with a 379 gearscore.
Erdak - 31 Maghar-Orc Shammy - Alt.