(H) 7/8M Healer(mw/hpriest) LFGuild


I have a 382 MW and a 379 hpriest. I am looking for a Horde guild. Preferably on a west coast server, but i’ve been playing on Central/East servers almost the entirety of my WoW career dating to Vanilla. I have over 350+ pulls on M G’huun but could never get it. The 3 guilds i’ve been in this expansion; 2 of them broke up and 1 of them I left because I couldn’t raid until 12:30AM EST anymore and wake up at 4 AM. I’m looking for something that ends closer to 11:00PM EST. I’m willing to play both characters and/or swap them out depending on what fights need certain heal comps. Contact me here or add me on bnet so we can discuss anything further! Cadeaver#1354. (P.S: I’m not really interested in guilds that are further behind progression than what I have. Thanks).

(Claver) #2

[Magtheridon][Alliance] is 7/8M 8% ghuun looking for a healer.


https: // www .wowprogress.com/guild/us/magtheridon/SOMA

Raid Times

7:30-10:30 EST Wed/Thurs
8:00-Done EST Heroic Clear Tuesday (OPTIONAL)

Contact me and we can chat if you’re interested.

Kyle#11563 - Bnet
Claver#5984 - Discord


Hey! I’m the gm of the guild Late Night Luckers on Trollbane/Malfurion. We had a few hiccups early in on Uldir but managed to sort them out and got 4/8 M at the end. Looking to push for CE in BoD. We also push high keys and got Realm First 15 as a guild. We are going to raid tues/wed/thurs 12-3 am est.

If you are interested my Btag is TtocsTtaw#1870. Would love to have you!

(Elvera) #4

Hey Calium!
<Resistance> on Hyjal is recruiting!
Friday/Saturday 6:30-10:30pm PST
Optionals through the week.
We are also 8/8M!
We have a guild application at: https://goo.gl/forms/Qj0jq6Mxy10VudR32
If you have questions you can contact me at:
Bnet: Elvera#1370
Discord: Elvera#1963


New Lunar Republic - 7/8 Mythic - somewhat spam, but not entirely. No point in typing the same exact thing over, and over.

We are looking for a Healer for our Mythic raid team. We raid Tues/Wed/Sun 7-10 EST. Our guild has been together for nearly 10 years now, and as such we’re a stable guild that values our community just as much as progression. We’re looking for raiders who want to be a part of something long term, and raid with us for the tiers to come. If you’re interested, or have any questions, you can add Aerro#1143, Eberebus#1606, or Azazel#11178 on Bnet.

As someone who had been looking for a guild that isn’t “toxic”, enjoys playing together both in-game, and out of game, and values the community aspect of the guild more than not - New Lunar Republic has been my home since finding it.

Let them know Malemage sent ya. Let’s get this bread

P.S. We don’t do applications.



Three Hops This Time Is located on the server Stormreaver. We’re currently looking for members to help us Cha Cha slide through Uldir and into Battle of Dazar’alor. We’re a group of ex-hardcore raiders looking to bring that focus and dedication into the 9 hours a week schedule.

Uldir: 8/8M US 503

Our Raid days are:
Monday 8-11 EST
Tuesday 8-11 EST
Wednesday 8-11 EST

We’re Currently Looking for the following:

Shadow Priest

Ret Paladin

Healers, 3 of the following:
Holy Paladin
Resto Druid
Disc Priest
Resto Shaman
Mistweaver Monk